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Daniel H. Bailey, Adventure Sports and Travel Photographer
Personal Artist Statement

rock face

I am driven by adventure, by what I aspire to experience in life, and by the unexpected ways that if often turns out to be slightly different from what I had anticipated. Photography is my vehicle for adventure, and in reverse, my drive for adventure fuels my photography. Together, they take me to the places that fascinate me in the world and allow me to create imagery that visually reflects my own personal definition of adventure. I'm attracted to strong, simple subject matter that reflects the beauty and mystery of the greater scene, whether it is a dramatic mountain landscape, a human figure moving through the natural world or a distinct personality in a distant land. I often like to blend the two by showing how people relate with the landscape around them. I have been a full time professional photographer since 1996 and have had my images published worldwide. During the past decade I have had the opportunity to work for many wonderful clients and travel to some incredible places on this planet. My images are available as stock photos as well as fine art prints, and I am available for assignment work. To discuss photography needs for your next project, or to order custom prints, please contact me. I'd be happy to speak with you.

Read Dan's Personal Statement about his biggest photographic influence and mentor, Galen Rowell

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