We'll be riding custom built titanium softtail (rear shock) mountain bikes built by James Bleakley of Black Sheep Bikes in Fort Collins, CO. James is a master welder and we believe that he makes some of the best bike frames out there. He fabricated the frames to be lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of pulling a 50 lb trailer for a month in various conditions on the highest roughest road on the planet. James has also been our tireless bike consultant, parts supplier, mentor and friend during the planing stages of the expedition. He has gone above and way beyond his call of duty as expedition sponsor in helping us prepare for our trip.

The dilema of how to carry all of our gear on a bike for 6 weeks has been solved by Yakima and their Big Tow Trailers. Single wheel cargo trailers that track right behind the bike's rear wheel, they can carry up to 70 lbs, while still maintaining a low center of gravity, which allows the rider a much more balanced ride. Also, since most of the weight is off of the bike, this will result in considerable less stress on the back wheel and the bike frame. Next to our Black Sheep Bikes, we consider our Big Tows to be the most valuable single piece of gear for our expedition.

Dependable, versatile, lightweight, climate control clothing has been supplied to us by Patagonia. We chose pieces that will keep our bodies regulated and comfortable for all extremes of temperatures, conditions and levels of activity. Specific garments include:
-Velocity O2 jackets
-Electralight pants
-R2 jackets
-Capeline tops and bottoms
-Ether gore-Tex shell jackets

Providing us with the front suspension for our bikes, Judy SL forks. Leightweight and low maintenence for the long journey and a smooth ride for a thousand miles of rough roads.

Bridgedale socks, made in Ireland, are the most comfortable and best moisture management socks out there. In simple terms, they rule! We have a selection of midweight and heavier weight socks to help keep our feet warm and dry while riding in the various elevations that we'll encounter.

One of the cruxes of the expedition will be trying to eat enough. We'll need thousands of calories and enough protein to keep our bodies in shape for weeks of riding in very rough conditions. PowerBar protein bars with 24g. of protein will be good end of the day recovery food for us and will help provide much needed nutrients. For quick fuel up the high passes, we have PowerGel, little packs of high octane energy that pack quite a punch. They may be about all that we can stomach during periods of extreme exhertion at 17,000' above sea level.

The Bailey Family
Special thanks to my mom and dad for sending me some money for the trip, but more importantly, thanks for their support and motivation over the years. They are the reason I turned out this way and have urges to do fun adventureous stuff like this.